Coaching of the Year in London

Dear friends,

Today I want to talk about dreaming loudly.

When I decided to train as a coach, I went to a London school. After all, since I was already an English teacher, I considered it important to have a coaching training in this language to add to the method of language learning I had already developed.

Initially I faced resistance from people, because many did not know what coaching was. And making this process of personal and professional development in English seemed unattainable. I heard myself wondering if I needed to be fluent in English, whether the process would cost too much, and whether coaching resembled therapy. My first challenge was to prove that my proposal was much simpler and more accessible than it seemed.

I often wondered if I could establish this niche market. After all, it would be much easier to continue giving regular English classes, not to mention the fact that Brazil’s economic recession forced the population into a heavy retention of expenses. I confess that I questioned myself a great deal about the path I had chosen.

To keep fighting for my dream, I had to find an alternative. As much as I knew that I was offering a high quality service, I had a notion that I would have to adapt the value to the market. So I glimpsed and created a coaching method for groups. In this way I was able to keep my dream alive, reduce the price of the service, re-signify the teaching of English and reach more people.

To my great satisfaction, today the number of clients that are looking for me to do coaching in English is increasing!

And, to my great delight, I was nominated by Coaching Academy from London, United Kingdom, to run for two international awards: Small Business Coach of the Year and International Coach of the Year!

According to this institution, I was chosen for my efforts to create a niche market, creating a quality and innovative service in a country that is in recession.

Surely these statements reaffirmed me that it was worth, and has been worth, to dream! I have always felt this, but now I have the confirmation from outside that I am on the right track, that with this I will be able to help a lot of people to take place on an international level, and that I am just at the beginning of a journey that I chose to go through.

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all my family, friends, students, clients, design professionals, visagists, programming sites, psychologists and coaches who supported me believing me and encouraging me to dream high!

Thank you!

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